The Launch

Registration is open from 1st December 2016 to March 2017. Everyone is encouraged to apply and have the chance to compete in the first Survival Challenge! If applicants don’t meet the safety requirements, they will still be encouraged to subscribe and be part of the activity that will take place and join the first challenge!

TJ says, “We wish to give Thai people the chance to participate in this historical journey, regardless of who they are, what they do or where they come from. After the applicants have passed the first Survival Challenge, all expenses, including the cost of equipment, transportation, facilities, meals, etc., will all be taken care of by ‘TJ’s TRUE SOUTH - Adventure to Antarctica’.”

Moreover, the organisers are aware that each individual will have commitments and responsibilities. All participants will be taken care of as best as possible by TJ’S TRUE SOUTH. For example, in cases where participants may need to take time off work for over two months, the project will be responsible for working together with the employers of the nine finalists, in order to find the best solution for both employer and participant.