• Applications to be part of the team close in March 2017 at www.TrueSouth.org
  • Only the most-hardy adventurers will join the expeditionary team - applicants will be put through arduous tests and challenges over a 20-month period
  • Selection process will be aired on Thai TV
  • Nine finalists will be chosen to join TJ in a team of ten adventurers that will have the privilege of embarking on this once in a lifetime experience
  • 1200 Kilometre, 45-day adventure will begin in the last quarter of 2018, with the participants divided into two groups
  • The journey will start from Union Glacier in Antarctica - walking in ski boots along the icy route
  • The team will reach the South Pole in January 2019
  • Each of the ten team members reaching the South Pole will receive THB1 Million to donate to the charity of their choice