There are many benefits of an association including:

  • Be Part Of History - associate with a premium opportunity the most ambitious Thai polar expedition of all time planting the Thai flag at the South Pole
  • Branding - a huge opportunity to promote a brand through broadcast TV coverage, news PR, advertising, direct marketing and sales promotion activity. Rights to use footage, still photographs and official mark logo of TJ’S TRUE SOUTH in promotions
  • Athlete Endorsement - use of the ten athletes’ name/fame and imagery in advertising and PR
  • Personal Appearances (PAs) & Leadership Training - talks by the athletes at venues of your choice
  • Hot Ticket Hospitality Events - a plethora of hospitality opportunities including Meet The Team Events; Launch, Build Up & Send Off / Leaving Party Events; Home Coming Party; Post Expedition Events
  • Networking - formal introductions; networking with stakeholders including TJ’S TRUE SOUTH Ambassador Programme
  • Sustainability - Antarctica is the last untouched continent and can be used to promote many sustainability issues such as: climate change; sustainable technology – solar power technology with 24 hour sunlight; and bio diversity - Save The Penguins!
  • CSR - opportunity to link in with TJ’S TRUE SOUTH Awards for special achievers in categories such as: Arts & Culture; Bravery & Valour; Environmental Conservation; Innovation & Development; Rights & Equality; and Social Impact
  • Training Programme - the opportunity to be part of the training program, including a series of Workshops preparing the athletes for Antarctica. E.g. joining them for memorable team building events
  • Merchandising - the opportunity to produce premium items of this historic event with TJ’s TRUE SOUTH image in line with the Official Licensing Strategy
  • Sports Science - TJ’S TRUE SOUTH will undertake research into how extreme energy use affects the human body
  • Engagement - with very specific target audiences