We have a core team of sponsorship consultants offering a fully comprehensive management service - we work on a number of levels offering our clients advice to full-scale management and marketing communication programmes.

We specialise in managing sponsorships on behalf of brands - helping our clients understand:

  • The power of sponsorship
  • How to find the right sponsorship that best fits your marketing needs
  • How to maximise the benefits sponsorship can bring to your business

We work with brands who are: considering; justifying; re-appraising; seeking; negotiating; implementing; exploiting and measuring sponsorship.



  • Sponsorship Audits
  • Market Activity Reports - covering sector and competitor analysis
  • Management services dealing with approaches from rights holders seeking sponsorship


  • PerforMind™ - a scientific approach to selecting sponsorship criteria and sourcing a sponsorship that is best for the business/brands needs


  • Negotiating rights and finalising contracts
  • Activating sponsorship through experiential marketing, developing memorable live brand experiences
  • Exploiting sponsorship through: sales promotions; direct marketing; PR and advertising
  • Measuring sponsorship effectiveness through qualitative and quantitative analysis


Sponsorship has many benefits and for those taking a professional approach the medium can be very rewarding helping a brand meet its marketing objectives.

Managed correctly, sponsorship is one of the best ways to extend brand visibility and broaden awareness across a wide range of audiences by a subtle and long–lasting reinforcement of the brand and its values.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving awareness amongst primary and secondary audiences
  • Increasing sales
  • Supporting the brand, reinforcing its values and bolstering the company’s business
  • Building goodwill within the community
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Increasing media exposure
  • Building long–term relationships
  • Developing business-to-business relationships
  • Enhancing employee relationships
  • Corporate social responsibility programmes - helping worthy causes
  • Delivering measurable results more efficiently than other marketing mix elements


PerforMind™ is a central part of our approach to defining sponsorship strategy. This is summarised in the ABC of the sponsorship strategy:

  • Audit - the effectiveness of the existing or planned portfolio of sponsorships
  • Benchmark - what sponsorships are available covering existing opportunities and analysis of competitor activity
  • Create - to objectively determine your choice and exploitation plan

Unique approach to ascertain the 'best fit' of current and potential sponsorships.

Scientific and objective approach to selecting the sponsorship - minimising the subjectivity in the decision process.

An objective tool to assess and determine the strength of a sponsorship opportunity against marketing criteria.


Our costs are based on daily rates and commissions.
We provide free quotations/consultations.

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