November 2017

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Tri-Factor Series – Asian Championship 2018/2019
China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, 2018/2019

Asia’s biggest triathlon series continue to roam the continent with more and more countries participating every year. By 2020 over 50,000 people are expected to participate in events throughout Asia.

Founded in Singapore in 2009, the Tri-Factor series have been growing steadily over the years as Triathlon is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In 2017 the series expanded to Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia and saw a total of more than 10,000 people participate. 2018 will see the inclusion of Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

Tri-Factor Series is a revolutionary new triathlon concept, taking each discipline from triathlon – swimming, biking and running – and turning them into individual races before culminating in a combined final race. Each series comprises one, two, three or four events in each country, encouraging participants to travel and participate in more than one country for the series. This format makes it possible for participants to compete in one or more events and gives athletes in various disciplines the chance of completing a full triathlon.

The series operate as a progressive race where participants gather points in the Tri-Factor Swim, the Tri-Factor Bike, the Tri-Factor Run and finally the Tri-Factor Triathlon. Points are awarded according to the rank in each race, and the participant with the highest Tri-Factor points will be crowned as the Tri-Factor Series Champion in each country.

Tri-Factor Series have revolutionised the face of triathlon, making it more accessible to more people of varying abilities and experience in different disciplines. In addition to encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle, the series have also helped push mass-participation sporting events and sports tourism throughout Asia to the benefit of local communities.

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