The Sponsorship Experts sign strategic alliance with ReverseAds

Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. – The Sponsorship Experts are thrilled to announce our official partnership with ReverseAds, the first true alternative to traditional search ads.

Offering a new and innovative approach to keyword advertising, ReverseAds is an effective and affordable alternative to Google AdWords. Built around machine learning and AI, ReverseAds assigns keywords to buyers as they browse the web, visiting, clicking, and engaging with online content.

As a result, the buyers are always served hyper-relevant content no matter where they are online, increasing the likelihood of engagement and, in the end, sales. Instead of sponsored listings appearing within the search engine, above and alongside the search results, ReverseAds is everywhere after search.

Contrary to other services, ReverseAds does not focus on user-level data but instead tracks campaign-level engagement data, specifically tied to intent on a keyword. It uses a client-side mechanism to read and write information that is specific to that particular user while keeping the information anonymous in compliance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“ReverseAds is really innovative in its approach to online marketing and their new and innovative offering promises to make waves. The possibilities for our clients are endless and we’re extremely pleased to enter into a strategic alliance with this forward-thinking company and expand our ever-growing activation toolbox,” says Paul Poole, Founder, Managing Director and Chairman of Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd.

With the strategic alliance, clients of The Sponsorship Experts are able to gain access to this new ad tech and ultimately boost opportunities to convert a buyer at every stage along the path to purchase.

“We’re really excited about this partnership with Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. as the consultancy is incredibly unique. ReverseAds is the perfect advertising solution to sell-out events, increase sales for clients that launch a new product or build brand awareness for companies looking to expand visibility. It’s really just a great fit and there is a massive amount of potential,” says Mike Hahn, CEO of ReverseAds.

Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. is an independent marketing consultancy based in Bangkok, Thailand specialising in commercial sponsorship and partnership marketing, working with both rights holders and brands - acting as a catalyst by bringing them together and maximising the relationship.

We have packaged, sold and managed sponsorship and partnership opportunities for a wide range of rights holders and worked with many of the world’s leading brands to source and engage the right sponsorships and partnerships for them to maximise.

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