MARCH 2023

How good governance can help improve your sponsorship

Sponsorship and brand partnership marketing can be a difficult marketing exercise to embark upon without the right strategy. How do you choose the correct brand or rights holder, how do you activate the sponsorship and how do you measure success? Good governance might have the answers.

With the sponsorship industry rebounding and making a strong comeback post pandemic, billions of dollars are once again being poured into events and properties across a wide range of sectors. With such a rebound in activity, it is no wonder that more and more companies are investing time and resources into making sure their sponsorship investment is performing at its best.

Enter good governance. While there is no single definition for the term good governance, in a sponsorship setting it can be understood as a set of guidelines to inform decisions around identifying, tracking, activating, managing and evaluating sponsorships. Having good governance has the potential to reassure potential sponsors, optimise benefits, improve transparency and minimise risk.

There is a clear trend that companies are increasingly demanding a level of due diligence, transparency and oversight previously reserved for government-level sponsorship deals. Furthermore, there is increasing scrutiny regarding the type of sponsorship in which companies engage - both investors and the general public expect accountability.

As a result, it is more important than ever to have good governance. For example, a rights holder may use good governance to set a benchmark for sponsorship deals with clearly defined activation plans and goals, as well as methods to evaluate the success of the sponsorship.

The Sponsorship Experts offer a popular activation and engagement service, where we help clients audit, benchmark and create effective sponsorship and brand partnership marketing. Using PerforMind™, this approach is an effective way to ascertain the 'best fit' of current and potential sponsorships.

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