JUNE / JULY 2023

The Sponsorship Experts sponsor a new ASN report on the volleyball market in Asia

The Sponsorship Experts have sponsored a new Asia Sponsorship News (ASN) report on the volleyball market in Asia, covering topics such as post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery, growth areas, detailed information on top-spending brands, and the potential impact of the upcoming Volleyball Nations League.

Thailand outperformed all other surveyed countries when it came to post-COVID-19 pandemic sponsorship recovery, showing strong growth in 2022 of 76 percent over 2019 pre-pandemic levels. Women’s volleyball, in particular, has gained immense popularity in Thailand due to the success of the Women’s National Team.

In terms of volleyball sponsorship, four countries dominate, accounting for USD23.3 million, or 95.8 percent of all sponsorship sales in the sector in 2022. The four countries were Thailand at 31.3 percent, India at 27.3 percent, Japan at 24.1 percent and China at 13.1 percent.

According to Paul Poole, Founder of Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd.: “The report shows that volleyball sponsorship in Thailand is strong, and that Asia in general is a strong market for volleyball sponsorship.”

The strength of volleyball sponsorship in Thailand is evident in the arrival of new brands on the sponsorship stage, including Eurocake, Daikin, Mikassa and CP Meiji, which have all come on board since 2020.

“We’re extremely pleased to work with ASN to shine the spotlight on this incredibly exciting segment in sports sponsorship in Thailand and Asia in general,” commented Paul Poole. “It is clear that volleyball is growing in popularity in the region, and brands are taking note. We believe we will witness strong growth in the volleyball sponsorship market in the coming years in Thailand and wider Asia.”

ASN is the leading market intelligence service for the sponsorship industry in Asia, which distributes independent news, analytics and insights on a subscription basis, with a bespoke consultancy and training service.

ASN is operated by Asia Sponsorship News Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd.

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