JUNE / JULY 2023

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Second Wind in Wanderland 2023
Asia, 2023

Second Wind in Wanderland is a fresh take on a travel show, combining it with reality show and pageantry aspects. The show aims to inspire learning and self-discovery, while at the same time showcasing the challenges faced by two of Asia’s most loved beauty queens.

Second Wind in Wanderland centres around Pia Wurtzbach, the hugely popular half-Filippina, half-German Miss Universe 2015 winner, award winning travel show host and entrepreneur, and Paweensuda Drouin, also known as Fahsai, who finished top 5 in Miss Universe 2019 and is also a DJ, songwriter, model, actress and talk show host.

The show follows Pia and Fahsai as they embark on a journey around Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines to rediscover the meaning of life, and to find joy in a post-pandemic world.

The show leverages travel as a means to practical education, exploring how cultural and geographical immersion unlocks personal growth, stimulates joy, and develops gratitude. Through showcasing different cultures, the audience will be exposed to new perspectives and ways of life.

Through the challenges Pia and Fahsai face on their journey, there’s a strong focus on the importance of never giving up on one’s goals in the face of challenges, inspiring a mindset of curiosity, optimism and courage.

Second Wind in Wanderland taps into the enormous popularity of reality shows in Southeast Asia, combining travel and pageantry, which is extremely popular in the region. The show targets audiences throughout Southeast Asia as well as Japan and Korea, with an expected target audience of between 20 to 60 million viewers. The primary target audience is those between 18 and 34 years of age with a secondary target audience of people in the 40s.

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