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The Takraw League 2019 - 2021
Thailand 2019 - 2021

Founded 18 years ago, The Takraw League is the first and only privately run Takraw league in Thailand and one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. With its deep cultural roots and a diverse and nation-wide fanbase, Takraw is one of Thailand’s two national sports and is bound to grow in coming years.

Twelve teams currently play in The Takraw League with matches being held throughout the country. The League has introduced a forward-thinking drafting system, which introduces more equality in terms of skill level and irons out any monetary advantage between the teams. The drafting system means that more than 10 different nationalities are currently represented amongst the players in the League.

The Takraw League is produced by SportZet Co., Ltd. on behalf of the Takraw Association of Thailand and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). The league is also supported by Marathon, a producer of sports equipment, which has played a big part in modernising the sport. The synthetic Takraw ball made by Marathon is a departure from the original rattan Takraw and allows for the Takraw to be standardised and adhere to strict measurements. This has helped the sport become internationally recognised.

Being one of Thailand’s national sports (the other being Muay Thai), Takraw has a country-wide fan base. The Takraw League’s Facebook page currently has over 500,000 followers and great engagement. Matches posted on the page regularly attract more than 170,000 views, and the League has entered into media partnerships with MONO, BEC Tero and ESPN Asia. After acquiring the rights from the Takraw Association of Thailand, the objective is to grow and professionalise the sport both locally and internationally.

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