Helping you find your voice and be the extraordinary person that you are!

If you ask successful people (and I don’t just mean successful in business but in life) how they got to where they are, most will likely tell you that it’s from hard work, a keep-trying attitude and following their heart.

More importantly, most successful people are lifelong learners. Meaning they learn from their mistakes and evolve.

Forced to grow up fast as I went through life as an immigrant from 10 years old and having to help support my struggling parents to find stability through building a restaurant and having felt emotionally unsupported as I tried to fit in at school, I went from being a very quiet and observant little girl to now being a Professional Presenter and Public Speaking Coach who has found her voice.

Feeling like an outsider my whole life, a feeling that persists at times, I no longer look to fit into any groups or force myself to conform to any type of societal standards. I go about at my pace while retaining my ability to play by the flow of others at work or home.

What we MUST realise is that we were all born for a reason and that we have a purpose in life. We all have it, so how can you find it in order to help yourself and also others in your community?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to use your talent to help others so they feel lifted and supported to reach their dreams and goals?

My purpose is to help others find more confidence through communications because we all must communicate daily. And the more we feel suppressed emotionally or verbally due to what our culture expects of us, the more depressed we get about our own future.

Find Your Voice Asia is not just about training you to speak better or teaching you how to write a script – it’s about helping you connect on a deeper level so that you can have quality conversations in order to build influence with others.

To know who you are is to be able to give the best version of yourself to others through presence. And to be totally present while communicating with others is to bring quality to life. To share your essence with others so that the message gets across deeper. That’s why I am a Presenter and that's why I am so passionate about stages like TED or TEDx where our beings get the chance to be shared with the masses.

To share our thoughts is no longer enough. We all need to reach out and connect at a deeper level so we feel heard. Finding your voice is not always about speaking, but listening and sharing our lives with others. And to share is to know that we are alive and living.

Thank you so much for reading this and if I can help you in any way, please contact me below. I also have an ebook that I recently published called “Step-by-Step Guide on Becoming a Great Presenter” that will help anyone who are beginners in public speaking. This ebook is a practical and easy-to-understand first step to growing your influence!

About the author
Able Wanamakok is an international TV Host, Presenter, Coach, Professional MC and TEDx Speaker. She helps individuals achieve their goals through better communication.

Website: www.findyourvoice.asia
Media Portfolio: www.imdb.me/ablewanamakok
Facebook: www.fb.me/findyourvoiceasia
Instagram: www.instagram.com/emceeable
Youtube: www.youtube.com/wanamakok
eBook: https://amzn.to/33rewJn

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