MAY 2020

Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities Now Available
Oceans For All Foundation 2020/2021
Thailand, 2020/2021

Addressing the need for a long term vision for protecting our marine environment, Oceans For All Foundation is a platform where businesses and the local community can come together to create solutions for better environmental practices.

Founded in Phuket over a decade ago at a time when the island was fast becoming one of Asia’s premier tourist destinations, Oceans For All Foundation aims to engage the local community through education and action.

The founders, David Martin, an environmental activist, and Thibault Salaun, an entrepreneur, wish to position Phuket as an environmentally friendly holiday destination and attract ecologically and environmentally conscious visitors.

In order to do so, Oceans For All Foundation’s efforts centre around the following values: Organise, Cooperate, Educate, Acknowledge, Nurture and Save (OCEANS). One way actors can get involved is by earning a Bluepass, a certificate designed to raise funds by giving companies and individuals the opportunity to mitigate their carbon footprints by donating a corresponding amount of funds. Carbon footprint from electricity and transport (vehicle, boat and airplane) are priced at THB300 per tonne of CO2 with the money going towards Oceans For All Foundation projects.

Bluepass holders include prominent businesses and individuals on Phuket who all offer special benefits to other Bluepass holders. Actors can also get involved in a number of projects and events, including coral farming, beach cleans, waste management and restoration projects, educational workshops and animal conservation efforts.

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