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Tomasz Drybala 2020/2021
Asia, 2020/2021

Tomasz Drybala is an ultra-endurance athlete and adventurer, writer, motivational speaker and founder of Steps for Mind, a charity that helps people overcome childhood trauma. Drawing on a long career in various management positions and creative pursuits, he is now embarking on a Asia-wide university tour to tell his story and inspire others to make positive change.

With more than 23 years of experience in a wide range of sectors, Drybala is taking his knowledge of management and personal development to Asia, the UK and Poland as part of a five-year tour. The programme, which will cover the UK, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2020-2021 and a further 12 countries in Asia and the Middle East in 2022-2024, is expected to reach more than 20 million people, with 400,000 people attending seminars, workshops, talks and presentations.

The tour is part of Drybala’s DistruptiveLif Coaching & Mentoring Programme. Through a process of self-analysis, reflection, planning and action, the programme helps people discover their talents and reach their full potential. During the programme, people will get help to recognise what motivates them, and how to work towards their goals.

In the UK, Drybala has formed a network of companies to support the DistruptiveLif Coaching & Mentoring Programme. The companies fall into three different categories: adventure sports; travel; and education, finance and management. The network is put in place to add value and expertise to the DistruptiveLif Coaching & Mentoring Programme to ensure the best possible outcomes.

In 2019, Drybala founded Steps for Mind, a charity that works with people who have experienced childhood trauma. The charity aims to give young people the best possible mental health support and empower them with knowledge and techniques to overcome their past traumas. Drawing on Drybala’s sports qualifications, the charity uses sport, adventure and perseverance to help people develop self-esteem and confidence, define life purpose and connect it with a profession.

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