JUNE / JULY 2020

Enjoy a special COVID-19 discount when reserving your spot at
Sponsorship Part One and Sponsorship Part Two
Bangkok, 15/16 and 17/18 September 2020

In an industry that’s changing more rapidly than ever, keeping abreast with best practices and learning new skills have never been more important. The Sponsorship Experts are proud to help rights holders and brands do just that with this year’s editions of Sponsorship Part One and Part Two.

As the sponsorship year has posed unprecedented challenges for rights holders and brands alike, observing best practices and learning the skills to adapt to a fast-changing environment is paramount. While sponsorship is undoubtedly going to change, the fundamentals stay the same and without them, navigating the ‘new normal’ will be even more difficult.

Sponsorship Part One is designed for rights holders who want to unleash the power of sponsorship. Now more than ever, with live events having to adapt to various health and safety restrictions, it’s important to learn how to leverage rights and benefit from new and fast-changing situations. Rather than seeing limitations, Sponsorship Part One will help rights holders see opportunities and take advantage of the many new channels that will undoubtedly arise.

Sponsorship Part Two is designed for brands, helping them understand the power of sponsorship. With more and more events moving online, it’s important for brands to think outside the box when it comes to engaging and activating their sponsorship. Sponsorship Part Two will not only help brands find the right sponsorship and maximise its benefits in this new sponsorship environment – the interactive workshop will also teach brands how to measure the effectiveness of the sponsorship.

Each workshop is limited to 20 delegates and will be held according to government health and safety regulations at the time. We are offering delegates who are affected by COVID-19 a special 30 percent discount, equivalent to the Super Early Bird rate. Registration closes on 26 June 2020. Delegates who booked and received a 20 percent discount as part of the Early Bird rate will be refunded a further 10 percent if they have been affected by COVID-19.

To book, click here for Sponsorship Part One, and here for Sponsorship Part Two.

The Sponsorship Experts also offer training workshops throughout the year to individual organisations that do not wish to join our multi-organisation training workshops in September each year. For more information, please contact info@paulpoole.co.th.

Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. is an independent marketing consultancy based in Bangkok, Thailand specialising in commercial sponsorship and partnership marketing, working with both rights holders and brands - acting as a catalyst by bringing them together and maximising the relationship.

We have packaged, sold and managed sponsorship and partnership opportunities for a wide range of rights holders and worked with many of the world’s leading brands to source and engage the right sponsorships and partnerships for them to maximise.

Please contact us for more information: Tel./Fax: +66 2622 0605 – 7 Email: info@paulpoole.co.th