VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH has appointed Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd.
to manage commercial sponsorship, partnership marketing
and know-how transfer in Thailand for 2019 and 2020.

Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. is proud to announce its appointment to manage commercial sponsorship, partnership marketing and know-how transfer in Thailand for VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH.

Founded in 1945, VfL Wolfsburg has a long history at the top of German football, winning the German Cup and the German Supercup in 2015, the German Bundesliga in 2009 and placing second in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. The club’s women’s and youth teams are also part of the best in Germany. The club’s home stadium is the Volkswagen Arena with a capacity of 30,000 spectators.

A subsidiary of Volkswagen, VfL Wolfsburg has established itself as a modern and socially committed football club with a worldwide fan base. The club runs an ambitious global marketing campaign with more than 40 billion contracts (TV) worldwide, more than 200 international broadcast markets and a strong social media presence that includes not just Instagram, Facebook and Twitter but also regional social platforms such as Sina Weibo, Nice and WeChat. All in all, the club has more than two million followers across its social media channels.

Through its B2B platform, Wolfsburg United, VfL Wolfsburg enables networking and exchange between top management and VfL partners by organising international events, including international and home competition matches, B2B events, and exhibition matches. The club also engages in extensive CSR activities, including its work with Terre des Hommes, an organisation working for the rights of children.

Committed to contributing to positive development in national and international football, VfL Wolfsburg also run an ambitious, integrated Know-How Transfer programme. Divided into four main areas – player development, train-the-trainer initiatives, infrastructure and management – the club is the highest rated three star academy, winning multiple national and international championships.

Player development
Under the leadership of Roy Präger, a former Bundesliga player of VfL Wolfsburg, professional trainers train and promote children or youth players, implementing the VfL Wolfsburg training system and a multi-step development strategy. The players can attend football camps in China or in Wolfsburg.

Train-the-trainer is VfL Wolfsburg’s coach training programme where experienced VfL coaches train budding coaches under professional conditions with theory and practice. After successfully completing the programme the coaches will receive an official certification.

VfL Wolfsburg will work with the partner to develop and implement an effective youth development strategy. The service includes a thorough analysis of the partners’ current capabilities and future goals, including a strategy to achieve the goals. VfL Wolfsburg can also guide partners on the development of infrastructural planning including training facilities and offices.

The management segment of the Know-How Transfer programme includes support on concept development and sponsorship and hospitality strategy, as well as PR and marketing consultation and development of B2C and merchandising departments. VfL Wolfsburg also offers management exchange programmes for hands-on experience.

The Sponsorship Experts, Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd.
will be managing sponsorship and partnership marketing for VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH – Thailand 2019-2020. We have a number of commercial sponsorship and partnership opportunities available for brands and businesses wanting to integrate with this successful football club as well as many other opportunities to create bespoke events for your brand or business.

Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd. is an independent marketing consultancy based in Bangkok, Thailand specialising in commercial sponsorship and partnership marketing, working with both rights holders and brands - acting as a catalyst by bringing them together and maximising the relationship.

We have packaged, sold and managed sponsorship and partnership opportunities for a wide range of rights holders and worked with many of the world’s leading brands to source and engage the right sponsorships and partnerships for them to maximise.

We have created a package of comprehensive commercial sponsorship and partnership programmes especially for VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH - Thailand 2019-2020, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for more information: Tel./Fax: +66 2622 0605 – 7 Email: info@paulpoole.co.th